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Experience and Vision

Company Mission

Solving the Student Debt Crisis with Information and Technology

Our Passion

“We need to develop solutions that prevent and solve the problem. Our answers will improve the financial lives of millions of people today and in their financial future.”

Fred Amrein, Founder

We Are Problem Solvers

  • A customized approach affecting 44 million people.

We Improve Lives

  • A holistic solution to a better financial future.

We Deliver Transparency

  • Simple and organized answers in one place.

A Trusted Resource

As Seen In The News:

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“We will solve and prevent the student debt crisis with increased transparency, information and technology that is easy to use.”

Peter Sims, President

Meet The Leadership Team

Our History

Fred Amrein founded the company in 2004 as his children were approaching college. He saw the lack of transparency and information available to parents, especially since this is the most important and expensive decision they will make with their child in their lifetime.

Over the years, Fred built various complex spreadsheets to answer the different client questions that he encountered. He also realized there was not a solution that encompassed the financial outcomes of college. He saw that students and parents were making financial decisions that were worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with little to no advice. We are just now seeing the financial consequences of this lack of information.   These decisions have created the student debt crisis and will affect the financial future of our children.

Mr. Amrein has built a reputation as a thought leader and resource for both college funding and student loan repayment. His unique skill set brings the personal financial planning aspects together with college funding and student loan repayment. He is the author of a book and a CFP Continuous Education program.

At the end of 2015, Fred had developed a solution for all three phases of the college financial decision process. He believed it was time to bring an online solution that could help parents, student and borrowers make better borrowing and repayment decisions.

In 2017, the first two solutions were developed and available to families and financial advisors. In 2018, Peter Sims was brought on as president of the firm to start the national launch of the Pay For ED suite of three solutions and the financial advisor training program (CFSLA).

Pay For ED is the first company to have a complete suite of solutions that help families navigate the entire college funding and student loan repayment decision process.