Student Loan Repayment

Student Loan Repayment Solution New Features


PayForED’s is excited to announce several new enhancements to the Student Loan Repayer solution.  The new functionality will upgrade the tool’s tax, repayment, and loan forgiveness functions. Student Loan Repayer Added New Features Actual Tax override function to better project Income-Driven Repayment amounts and loan forgiveness projections New monthly salary increase function to help physicians [...]

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How much student loan interest is deductible?


As we approach tax season and more people have student loans, finding the best options to deduct their student interest charge is important.  The question is how much student loan interest is deductible?  Another analysis not often examined is whether I should give up the deduction?         Since 2016, more student loan borrowers are using the Income-Driven [...]

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Need for Student Loan Repayment Advice?


This is the time of year is not just the holiday season.  It is also a time when borrowers are either starting repayment or reviewing their current loan repayment options.  The need for student loan repayment advice is difficult to find.  As the stress of student loan repayment increases more people are get inappropriate advice [...]

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Married Filing Separately with Student Loans


Young Couple Getting answers to their student loan repayment and tax filing questions More married and engaged couples are facing a growing problem, student loan repayment.  Money issues are the second most common reason for divorce.  What most people do not realize is the married couples with federal student loans have over 126 [...]

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Student loan repayment: When to start


Congratulations to all recent college graduates! College may be over but if you are part of the $1.5 trillion borrowers with student debt, your education is not over yet. Understanding the best repayment method can be confusing and stressful. Pay for ED is here to help! We believe that understanding the details of repayment can [...]

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Pay For ED Launches Student Loan Repayment Solution


We are excited to announce the availability of our Student Loan Repayment Software.  It is the first student loan repayment tool that helps recent graduates, married couples and engaged couples navigate their various student loan repayment and forgiveness options.  Most people do not realize that there are over a 126 combinations of options for a [...]

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Recertifying Your Student Loan Repayment – An Annual Requirement


For many student loan borrowers, the next few months are the peak time to recertify your student repayment.  This affects any person who is using an Income-Driven Repayment Method (IDR).  Before we discuss recertifying your student loan repayment, let’s review what IDR is.  As more students and families need to borrow money for college, the [...]

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Pay For ED and Michael Kitces


Pay For ED is excited to announce that our Student Loan Planning software was listed in the October 8th article ofThe Nerd’s Eye View at Kitces.  The article was titled, “Student Loan Planning Software Solutions: Comparing the 8 Leading Tools for Financial Advisors” and was written by Ryan Frailich, founder of Deliberate Finances. Since interviewing [...]

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Top Private Student Loans Lenders In 2019


Let’s face it - finding the right private student loans lenders can be very confusing! Fortunately, here at Pay For Ed we’ve vetted the top lenders to help you find private student loans, based on your financial situation. Remember - when you apply for a loan, most lenders will look at: Your credit score Annual [...]

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