Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness


Do I Qualify for loan forgiveness or loan repayment programs? As you graduate college, your goals quickly shift and you start to look more towards the future.  You may be weighing where you should start your career, what type of budget you should set, and how you should start reducing your debt and paying off your student loans.

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Student loan repayment: When to start


Congratulations to all recent college graduates! College may be over but if you are part of the $1.5 trillion borrowers with student debt, your education is not over yet. Understanding the best repayment method can be confusing and stressful. Pay for ED is here to help! We believe that understanding the details of repayment can [...]

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The Incredible Economic Impact of Cancelling Everyone’s Student Debt


As paying for college gets harder, student debt continues to spiral upwards affecting close to 50 million Americans. Policy makers and universities have been exploring options for turning the tide on this crushing financial burden. According to recent research at Bard College, “there is mounting evidence that the escalation of student debt in the United [...]

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Rare Second Chance For Student Loan Forgiveness


Second chances like this don't come very often, especially when it comes to student loans! Due to the incorrect advice and proper communication of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, the federal government is offering a one-time offer to help borrowers who received bad advice. In the Consolidation Appropriation Act, 2018 a 350 million [...]

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