Paying For College

Methods of paying for college that include: financial aid, college saving plans, educational tax credits, student loans, and the various repayment options.

PayForED App is here!


The PayForED App is here! Our easy five-step process allows families to customize a 4-year projection of college cost and student debt by each college. This solution is a powerful tool that helps parents and students navigate this complex decision easily. The PayForED App is geared to the parents and high school students who are [...]

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2018 PayForED Year End Tips


Year End College Financial Aid & Student Loan Planning  This is 2018 PayForED Year End Tips for College Financial Aid & Student Loan Planning.  Our goal is to inform families and student loan borrowers of the various planning topics so that they can make financial adjustments before the end of year. As college costs and [...]

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PayForED Announces an Exciting New Scholarship


PayForED is offering a Scholarship Sweepstakes that will award $1,000 to a college-bound student to help pay for college. The Scholarship Sweepstakes will run between December 17, 2018 and March 1, 2019 with a scholarship winner chosen in late March. “We at PayForED recognize that information is key to making the best decisions about paying [...]

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PayForED Scholarship Search Announcement


PayForED Scholarship Search Announcement Pay For ED Scholarship Search As part of the PayForED mission, our company is continually trying to improve the customer experience and knowledge.  With this in mind, Pay For ED is excited to announce that there is a new enhancement to our website.  We will now have a Scholarship [...]

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10 Tips for Paying for College and Avoiding Excessive Debt


10 Tips for Paying for College and Avoiding Excessive Debt Every year there are over 21 million people making college student loan decisions that will affect their financial future for years. These borrowers are often overlooked but will be a significant part of the student debt crisis as it grows. Here is a list of [...]

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Importance of your Student Loan Structure


Students and parents spend hour researching colleges, looking for scholarships and trying to find the silver bullets to lower the “WHAT” they will pay for college.  As more families need to borrow money to attend college, more time needs to be spent on the “HOW” you are going to pay these expenses.  The importance of [...]

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Student Loan Interest Rates Are on the Rise!


Student loan interest rates are on the rise! The Federal Direct Student Loan interest rates for the school year 2018-2019 have been determined by the government and will increase by 0.595 percentage points for new loans made after July 1, 2018.  The new student loan interest rate is 5.045 % for the Undergraduate Direct Loan [...]

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