Financial Aid

Help people how the understand how the different financial aid calculations work. Explain both the what and how of paying for college.



The Department of Education has tried to simplify and improve the customer experience for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Each year, the FAFSA needs to be submitted, for a student to receive federal financial aid. The FAFSA for the school year 2019-2020 will be available on October 1st and this year [...]

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Completing the FAFSA


The fall is here which means it is also FAFSA time. Unlike Halloween, this should not be a scary time if you are organized and have a little patience. It is an important step in the college funding process, and we believe that every student should complete the FAFSA for a variety of reasons. Completing [...]

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EFC Calculation


The financial aid process can be overwhelming and as we walk families through this process it is important to understand the Expected Family Contribution or EFC. The EFC is generated after completing the FAFSA and it determines your need-based aid. I wanted to explain how the EFC is calculated so that you have a better [...]

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Creating an FSA ID


The FSA ID is the login and electronic signature process that is used by the Department of Education for students, parents, and borrowers to apply for federal student aid, sign their FAFSA and access any federal student aid records online. To sign and access the federal financial aid systems, you will need to create an [...]

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