2019 College Scholarship

PayForED is committed to solving the $1.52 trillion student loan debt crisis by giving students and families accurate and more transparent information before, during and after graduation.  This effort, accomplished through the ultimate guide to paying for college and student loan repayment software tools, videos, blogs and informative videos will help navigate through this complicated [...]

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National College Decision Day

May 1st is National College Decision Day for college bound high school seniors.  It is the day when students commit to a college and send in their deposits to hold their college spot. That's step one in the journey of paying for college. Congratulations on making this hard decision and finding the right college fit!  [...]

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Financial Aid Appeal Letter

Congratulations to all the college-bound students.  As you compare your student’s financial aid award letters, it is time to compare the net price of each college.  What do you do if your award letter is not financially what was expected?  Should a Financial Aid Appeal letter be sent and what is the process? For some [...]

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Student Loan Forgiveness

Do I Qualify for loan forgiveness or loan repayment programs? As you graduate college, your goals quickly shift and you start to look more towards the future.  You may be weighing where you should start your career, what type of budget you should set, and how you should start reducing your debt and paying off your student loans.

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The Ultimate Guide to Student Loan Repayment

Student Loan Repayment occurs when the borrower begins paying back their student loans. Understanding the details of repayment and which options work best in your life means knowing when to start repayment, organizing your loan type, deciphering the loan repayment options and understanding the tax implications of the loan repayment options. Learn more in our Ultimate Guide to Student Loan Repayment.

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What is FAFSA?

What is the FAFSA? Many parents of college-bound students feel anxious when completing financial aid forms, specifically the FAFSA.  This is the form families submit to apply for federal financial aid. It is used by the federal government, states, and colleges to award grants, work-study programs, and loans.  Completing the FAFSA forms is required in [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Paying for College

Paying for college is one of the most important and expensive decisions you will make with your child.  It is complicated and very emotional. To properly pay for college, the family must understand financial aid, college saving plans, educational tax credits, student loans, and student loan repayment.

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Types of Loans Available on the Award Letter

Each week a new headline comes out expressing the ongoing issue of student debt in today’s society.  There are more than 44 million borrowers who owe more than $1.5 trillion dollars in student debt. How did this happen?  With student debt growing at an alarming rate, I feel a major contributor to this problem is [...]

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Top Six Items to Consider when Comparing Award Letters

PayForED believes understanding the financial outcome of the college decision should be a key decision point when comparing award letters.  We have compiled six items to consider when comparing award letter.  Our goal is to help families review and clarify the "bottom line"or "net cost" of each college listed on their award letter.  Today, student [...]

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Wellworks For You to Offer PayForED’s Suite of Student Loan Assistance Solutions

Wellworks For You, a leading provider of employer wellness management and technology services, is partnering with PayForED to make their suite of student loan solutions available to their national population of members in 2019. “Student debt affects a huge segment of the workforce.  We determined that student loan assistance is a critical component when creating [...]

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