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Most borrowers do not understand the complexity of their repayment decisions. We provide a simple single view that displays your repayment options, including your debt structure and the different tax filing options that will impact your monthly payment.

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Features Include

Better Refinancing Decisions

Calculates all federal loan repayment options in a single view option


Identifies loan forgiveness eligibility, qualifying loan repayment methods

Debt Structure Analysis

Private Refinancing may not always be the best decision

Impact of Marital Status

Tax Status is overlooked but will impact your financial future


We do not sell your data or collect personal information


Step-by-step educational videos for college funding & student loan topics


44% SL Affect more people than retirement


Delay buying homes


Current Default rate

What Customers Say About Our Solutions

“As a fee-only financial planner, I’ve found the Pay For ED software instrumental in helping my clients make smart college decisions.  Before choosing Pay For Ed, we evaluated many options, but picked Pay For ED because it is easy to use, focused on four-year cash flow and includes long-term impact of borrowing costs.  It is easy to then incorporate the results into our financial planning software to show our clients the long-term impact of the different college decisions.”

Mike E (Financial Advisor – NC)

“Fred is the most knowledgeable person I’ve found regarding navigating the complexities of college financial planning. Missteps in the college decision, paying for  college and student loan, can negate much of the return on the investment that attending college promises. As a CFSLA, I am now equipped to help parents and their children with their college financial decisions and through the dizzying array of student loan repayment options”.

James B. (Financial Planner – IL)

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