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Experience and Vision

Company Mission

Prevent and Solve the Student Debt Crisis

Our Passion

“We need to develop solutions that prevent and solve the problem. Our answers will improve the financial lives of millions of people today and in their financial future.”

Fred Amrein, Founder

We Are Problem Solvers

  • A customized approach affecting 44 million people.

We Improve Lives

  • A holistic solution to a better financial future.

We Deliver Transparency

  • Simple and organized answers in one place.

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“We will solve and prevent the student debt crisis with increased transparency, information and technology that is easy to use.”

Peter Sims, President

Our History

Fred Amrein is an author, speaker and nationally recognized expert in college financing with 30 years of combined corporate technology and personal financial planning experience. He founded the company in 2004 as his children were approaching college. He saw the lack of transparency and information available for parents to fully understand the impact of how the cost of college will affect their lives and the lives of their children. It is the most important and expensive decision parents will make in their child’s lifetime.

As Fred worked with his clients, he noticed better tools were needed to help tackle the complexity of painting the true financial picture of the cost of college. He realized a solution didn’t exist to help parents and their children see the bottom line financial outcome of the cost of going to college. Parents and students were making financial decisions that were worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with little to no advice and didn’t have the right tools to use to understand the real numbers.

The financial consequences of poor college investment decisions and the depths of student debt has created a state of emergency in our lives. These decisions have created the student debt crisis that will greatly affect the financial future of families. It is a $1.5 trillion crisis. College loans have seen almost a 157% cumulative growth over the past 10 years. Student loan debt is now the second highest consumer debt category behind only to mortgage debt and is higher than both credit cards and auto loans. Students not only face increased college tuition costs; they are also faced with increased costs of borrowing to afford that degree and they’re afflicted with misinformation. The result of making poor decisions and taking bad loans follows graduates into adulthood which will plague them with years of bad credit and debt. It is a crisis that needs to be solved.

From this evolving student debt crisis, Fred found his mission. His goal was to help families make better college funding decisions by providing better financial information to improve their understanding of their decision. He began to create the right tools. He began to provide a solution to help parents and their children.

At the end of 2015, Fred developed a technology solution for all three phases of the college financial decision process. He believed it was time to bring an online solution that could help parents, student and borrowers make better borrowing and repayment decisions.

In 2017, the first two solutions were developed and available to families and financial advisors. In 2018, Peter Sims was brought on as President to start the national launch of the PayForED suite of three solutions and the financial advisor training program (CFSLA).

PayForED is the first company to have a complete suite of solutions that help families navigate the entire college funding and student loan repayment decision process.

The mission remains clear for Fred and the entire PayForEd team… We are passionate about providing the right tools, information and solutions to prevent and solve the student debt crisis.

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