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Over 21 million students make on-going college and graduate school financial decisions without a way to calculate their financial outcome. Our In-College Payer software generates your total student loans at graduation and all of your repayment options.

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Features Include

Track Current Debt

Easily import federal loans from NSLDS & manually input other student loans

Calculates Loan Repayment

Calculates and displays all 9 federal loan repayment options

Generates Financial Future

Displays income & personal expenses after graduation


We do not sell your data or collect personal information


Step-by-step educational videos for college funding and student loan topics

Final Cost

Organize net cost and loan repayment choices in one place


35% Transfer rate


50% Change Major


National 4 Yr Graduation < 40%

What Customers Say About Our Software

“It helped me plan for graduate school since I was able to import my current student loans and project the future debt needed to attend graduate school.  With the repayment options calculated and the life style expense analysis, I was able to project my financial life after graduation.”

Sam K. (Student – MA)

“Our daughter transferred after her Freshman year.  The In-College Payer helped her refocus on the financial consequences of this change after the loss of some college credits. It also helped us have a better discussion on her financial future after graduation.”

Bill (Parent – PA)

“I had built a spreadsheet to help me track my children’s student loans and payments after college.  Using this software and with a few clicks, I was able to get all the same information plus many other financial outputs that I did not consider.  This saved me hours of time and provided me better information.”

Kathy (Parent – NJ)

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