PayForED 2.0 Announces the Launch


We are so excited to be announcing our first major release of 2020 - PayForED 2.0. After a lengthy reevaluation phase, incorporating valuable feedback, PayForED's newly updated platform is ready for immediate use for employers, advisors, and individuals. Not only did we enhance the premium functionality, we redesigned and updated the interface and user experience. [...]

PayForED 2.0 Announces the Launch2020-03-21T21:38:35-05:00

College Access Could Change Forever Due to Three Recent Events


In the last few months, three specific events have been discussed and appeared in the news.  These events could influence college admissions and impact college access forever.  For generations, our society has tried to improve access to a college education.  The increase in demand and easy access to loans have put this system at risk [...]

College Access Could Change Forever Due to Three Recent Events2020-02-29T11:52:25-05:00

How much student loan interest is deductible?


As we approach tax season,  trying to find the best ways to deduct student loan interest should, discover the best tax filing method and review your loan repayment method should be considered along with taxes due.  The question is how much student loan interest is deductible?  One issue that many borrowers face is finding the [...]

How much student loan interest is deductible?2020-02-18T11:08:11-05:00

Does the average college student understand their student loan debt?


I recently saw an interesting T-shirt that stated “Best 5 Years of My Life”.  On the other side of the shirt was the name of a large state university.  The name of the institution does not matter since the US government is using a six-year standard in many of their graduation measurements.  I mention this [...]

Does the average college student understand their student loan debt?2019-11-23T16:09:17-05:00

10 Tips for Paying for College and Avoiding Excessive Debt


Every year, while in college, students make college student loan decisions that will affect their financial future. They are part of the 21 million people that are accumulating student loan debt.  I consider these college students to be the "Forgotten Group" since there are minimal resources to help them with their student debt decisions. Some [...]

10 Tips for Paying for College and Avoiding Excessive Debt2020-02-18T11:22:35-05:00

FAFSA: How to Handle Financial Changes


How do families handle FAFSA changes if their financial situation is different?  Life is constantly changing and current financial circumstances may be different than the tax information reported on the 2020-2021 FAFSA form.  If this is so, follow the below steps to report your current financial circumstance. Here are things you need to review if [...]

FAFSA: How to Handle Financial Changes2020-02-07T14:01:54-05:00

Student Loan Repayment Benefit For Non-Profits


As student debt continues to increase, more employers are beginning to include a student loan repayment plan as an employee wellness benefit.  According to a recent Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, approximately 7% of US companies have implemented a student loan repayment solution and this will grow to 30 – 35% in the [...]

Student Loan Repayment Benefit For Non-Profits2020-02-18T11:28:54-05:00

FAFSA Changes


Students and Parents will be completing the FAFSA 2020-2021 form and the application will be available on October 1, 2019.  Families will be using the tax information from the tax year 2018 due to the rule called Prior Prior.   This year there are a few FAFSA changes that people need to review before they begin [...]

FAFSA Changes2020-02-18T11:35:56-05:00

Completing the FAFSA


The fall is here which means it is also FAFSA time for college. Unlike Halloween, this should not be a scary time.  The best tip we can give families is to get organized before you begin this process.  Just relax, PayForED has compiled a list to make filling out the FAFSA easier! Completing the FAFSA [...]

Completing the FAFSA2020-02-18T10:50:19-05:00

Paying for College: Parent Plus or Private Student Loans


With the first payment of the tuition bill coming due, many parents are trying to decide on the best way to fund their child’s education.  Families are faced with the decision of whether to use a Direct Federal Parent PLUS loan or a Private Student Loan?   Before making this decision, the co-signer and borrower should [...]

Paying for College: Parent Plus or Private Student Loans2020-02-18T11:45:31-05:00