Wellworks For You to Offer PayForED’s Suite of Student Loan Assistance Solutions


Wellworks For You, a leading provider of employer wellness management and technology services, is partnering with PayForED to make their suite of student loan solutions available to their national population of members in 2019. “Student debt affects a huge segment of the workforce.  We determined that student loan assistance is a critical component when creating [...]

Wellworks For You to Offer PayForED’s Suite of Student Loan Assistance Solutions2019-04-03T10:03:44-05:00

How much student loan interest is deductible?


As we approach tax season, student loan repayment becomes top of mind, especially finding the best options to deduct student interest.  The question is how much student loan interest is deductible?  Another analysis not often examined is whether I should give up the deduction?  [Read our full coverage Since 2016, more student loan borrowers are [...]

How much student loan interest is deductible?2019-04-03T11:58:36-05:00

PayForED App is here!


The PayForED App is here! Our easy five-step process allows families to customize a 4-year projection of college cost and student debt by each college. This solution is a powerful tool that helps parents and students navigate this complex decision easily. The PayForED App is geared to the parents and high school students who are [...]

PayForED App is here!2019-01-29T10:16:27-05:00

Married Filing Separately with Student Loans


Young Couple Getting answers to their student loan repayment and tax filing questions More married and engaged couples are facing a growing problem, student loan repayment.  Money issues are the second most common reason for divorce.  What most people do not realize is the married couples with federal student loans have over 126 [...]

Married Filing Separately with Student Loans2019-04-18T11:17:43-05:00

10 Tips for Paying for College and Avoiding Excessive Debt


10 Tips for Paying for College and Avoiding Excessive Debt Every year there are over 21 million people making college student loan decisions that will affect their financial future for years. These borrowers are often overlooked but will be a significant part of the student debt crisis as it grows. Here is a list of [...]

10 Tips for Paying for College and Avoiding Excessive Debt2018-11-26T16:32:33-05:00

PayForED Launches Student Loan Repayment Solution


We are excited to announce the availability of our Student Loan Repayment Software.  It is the first student loan repayment tool that helps recent graduates, married couples and engaged couples navigate their various student loan repayment and forgiveness options.  Most people do not realize that there are over a 126 combinations of options for a [...]

PayForED Launches Student Loan Repayment Solution2019-03-26T14:09:46-05:00

PayForED and Michael Kitces


PayForED is excited to announce that our Student Loan Planning software was listed in the October 8th article ofThe Nerd’s Eye View at Kitces.  The article was titled, “Student Loan Planning Software Solutions: Comparing the 8 Leading Tools for Financial Advisors” and was written by Ryan Frailich, founder of Deliberate Finances. Since interviewing for this [...]

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Completing the FAFSA


The fall is here which means it is also FAFSA time. Unlike Halloween, this should not be a scary time if you are organized and have a little patience. It is an important step in the college funding process, and we believe that every student should complete the FAFSA for a variety of reasons. Completing [...]

Completing the FAFSA2019-04-03T12:57:49-05:00