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Traditional solutions only help a fraction of employees – those that are concerned with their student debt repayment. They attempt to help by contributing additional funds to their student loans. What most employers and employees don’t know is that sometimes the funds go to additional fees or taxes and don’t reduce the debt at all. This greatly increases employer compliance risk.

PayforED addresses recent graduates as well as employees considering continuing their education and those planning for their children’s education. Our comprehensive platform provides independent council not tied to any specific bank or loan product. PayforED may drastically reduce employee’s student loan financial commitments without any additional cost to the employer.

PayForED is a comprehensive financial wellness benefit that covers multi-gen employee workforce helping recent graduates, employees considering advancing their education, employees stressed by the burden of student loan debt, as well as parents planning for their children’s education.

Why Is PayForED the Better Solution?

Helps a larger percentage of your workforce.

Reduces employee stress and improves satisfaction levels.

Easy to implement and cost-effective.

Adds prevention and answers to the problem.

Independent and impartial advice.

How We Do It

PayForED is an innovative employee benefit that will help you attract and retain top talent. We offer a complete technology suite and educational platform that helps employees navigate the entire college funding and student loan repayment journey. From planning for college, selecting the right school, and managing in-school finances, through to repayment and post-graduate considerations, PayForED is your partner in responsible educational investment. Our unique approach helps with proper debt structure planning and optimal student loan repayment and forgiveness strategies. Best of all, our recommendations are independent so you can rest assured that your employees receive the objective advice that minimizes your company’s risk.

“PayForED offered the most holistic financial solution that we could find. Importantly, their multiple college and student loan tools address both prevention and solutions to this emerging crisis.”

-Tom Tegler WellWorks For You CEO


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